Luminaries May Event

// Monday, Jan 1, 12am

Luminaries May Event

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Songbook Academy 101 – Making the Magic Happen!

2 p.m. presentation followed by light refreshments


 Go behind-the-scenes with the Songbook Foundation staff to learn about how your FAVORITE event of the year comes to fruition.  How do we narrow from hundreds of applications to our Top 40 finalists?  Who chooses the Celebrity Mentors?  Beyond the glamorous performances that happen onstage, what does a typical day look like for our staff and students at the Songbook Academy... and how has the Songbook Academy evolved into the nationally-renown program and format that you see today?  


From feeding sixty to seventy people a day to finalizing the 's marvelous choral numbers you see onstage in the final show, Songbook Academy is made up of a lot of moving parts.  Develop an understanding of how the magic happens by attending this lunch and learn with Executive Director Chris Lewis (past Director of Programs) and current Manager of Programs and Communications, Renée La Schiazza, an alum of the Songbook Academy, herself.   And don’t forget to come prepared to #SingtheSongbook!