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Canceled - Anyone Can Dance Summer Camp

// Monday, Jan 1, 12am ET

Daily 9AM - Noon
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Recommended for ages 5-8


Inspired by themes and dances in the book Giraffes Can’t Dance, this immersive class experience enables young ones to build character and self-confidence by encouraging them to embrace their differences, as well as those of others, using them to find their own voice through the wonderful and accessible art of dance.


Students will learn the fundamentals of dance, and through creative activities, they will become more self-disciplined and focused. Anyone Can Dance encourages students to think critically, use their imaginations and collaborate and express themselves in different ways.


All camp programming and curriculum will be overseen by Justin Sears-Watson, artistic director of Phoenix Rising Dance Company. Instructors have been specifically chosen and placed with classes based on the dance techniques in which they have extensive training.


Day 1: Students will be encouraged to respond in movement to themes from Giraffes Can’t Dance, exploring the key elements of dance: body, energy, space and time.

Day 2: Students will move through guided improvisational activities and technical dance movements, as well as engaging in solo, partner and small group dances.


Day 3: Students will learn and understand dance performance as an interaction between performer and audience by dancing for others, identifying movements in a dance, and demonstrating the observed movements.


Day 4: Students will observe dancing, identify movements that are fun to watch, and share their thoughts about the observed movement.


Day 5: Students will recognize and discuss emotions expressed in dance movements inspired by Giraffes Can’t Dance and demonstrate what they have learned as part of our closing performance for friends and family. All will receive graduation certificates.


Family and friends are invited to join in the closing performance at the Studio Theater during the last 30 minutes on Friday.


A minimum of 15 students is required to conduct the camp.



About Phoenix Rising Dance Company

Phoenix Rising Dance Company was founded in 2014 by Justin and Will Sears-Watson as the Indiana Contemporary Dance Company. After a year of performing around the city, mainly at community events and charity galas, they opened Phoenix Rising Dance Studios and changed the company’s name to reflect its new home. Phoenix Rising Dance Company is the resident dance company at the new Phoenix Theatre in downtown Indianapolis.


Phoenix Rising Dance Company uses the National Academic Standards for Dance in creating its programs.