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Intro to Stand-Up Comedy

The Studio Theater // May 3 - May 24

Graduation Show - Sun Feb 28 at 7pm
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This class is both a look at the history and evolution of stand-up comedy and a practical course that will cover joke mechanics and writing for stand-up as well as performance theory and practice. Over the course of the class, each student will write and practice a five-minute routine to perform for friends and family at the graduation show.


Cost: $90 (includes all four classes and graduation show)

Recommended for ages 17 and up. Class is limited to 15 participants. A minimum of 10 students is required to conduct the class.


For your safety and convenience, the first three class sessions will take place online through Zoom. The fourth class and the graduation show will take place on-site at the Center for the Performing Arts. The graduation show is open only to family and friends of class participants and will have limited capacity.


Recent graduates of the class say:

“I cannot imagine any aspect of the class that could have been better. These types of experiential learning classes are fantastic."


“I learned that getting outside my comfort zone … can be a growth experience. The comedy class was a great learning experience, and Mat was a great instructor.”


Class Structure (weekly three-hour sessions)


Week 1 (through Zoom)

Participants examine clips of stand-up over the decades, discuss its origins, and explore how it has evolved to reflect societal changes.


Week 2 (through Zoom)

Participants diagram the jokes viewed in week one and discuss humor writing techniques and joke mechanics.


Week 3 (through Zoom)

Participants discuss performance theory and different ways of telling jokes, from deadpan to big act-outs. During the first three weeks, the students are crafting their own five-minute comedy sets.


Week 4 (in person in the Studio Theater)

Participants practice their sets in class, do peer review, give notes, and work on any big ideas or shifts they want to make to the set.


Week 5 (in person in the Studio Theater)

Participants perform their routines in a graduation show for their friends and family.


Because of current limits on public gatherings, this year’s graduation show will not be open to the public. It will be for friends and family only, and capacity will be limited.


Who should take this class?

This class is perfect for anyone wanting to improve their presentation skills or those wanting to cross “performing as a stand-up comedian” off their bucket list. Participants should make every effort to attend each class session and the graduation show.


About the Instructor:

Mat Alano-Martin is the co-founder of the Limestone Comedy Festival and a comedian performing at clubs, colleges and festivals across the country. He has appeared on The Bob & Tom Show and Laughs on Fox. His debut album, Profiled As Such, can be heard daily on Sirius/XM.



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