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Center Presents

Luminaries: Jeff Loeser: The History of Magic

The Palladium // Tuesday, Jan 23, 2pm ET

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2 p.m. presentation followed by light refreshments


Deliberate Deceptions: Magic and Wonder

Magic is experiencing a renaissance with popular TV series, viral internet clips and live touring shows. Magic can transport audiences to another place where anything is possible. Magician Jeff Loeser will share an insightful look into the world of magic, its history, some of his favorite magic tricks and the stories behind them. We’ll hear about how his interest in magic started and how this spark turned into a lifelong passion.


About the Presenter
Impossible, funny and mesmerizing are three words that sum up Jeff Loeser's style of Deliberate Deceptions. He is a member of the world-famous Magic Castle and has showcased multiple times at the Chicago Magic Lounge. Whether he’s performing at vacation resorts, corporate events or private parties, Jeff delivers surprises and laughter, making for an unforgettable experience.