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Center Presents

Luminaries: Brandon Wilson: Making It Up

The Palladium // Tuesday, Mar 26, 2pm ET

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2 p.m. presentation followed by light refreshments


Making It Up: A Life in Creativity

For Brandon Wilson, a life and business coach and singer-songwriter, making things up is a way of life. It’s how he helps clients create the life of their dreams. It’s how he turns thoughts and feelings into song. It's what led him to his own fulfilling life here in Carmel. But navigating his relationship with creativity has been quite a journey, one that kept him in trouble for most of his younger years, took him to Nashville to make a go of a career in music, landed him on a crash course with a mountain lion in Montana, and so much more. This is a journey of harnessing creativity as a positive force and turning it into a way of life.


About the Presenter

Brandon Wilson came to his coaching practice via theater, education, sales and leadership development. He works with leaders across the country to bring more of who they are to what they do. It's that authenticity that increases leadership effectiveness, develops followership and accelerates results. When not working, Brandon is spending time with his wife, and three cats, as well as writing and performing music.