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Carmel Symphony Orchestra

Cirque de la Symphonie

The Palladium // Saturday, Jan 27, 7:30pm ET

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Join the Carmel Symphony Orchestra for an Unforgettable Night of Acrobats and Melodic Masterpieces!

Be prepared to witness breathtaking feats of agility and skill as talented acrobats push the boundaries of human capabilities. Graceful movements and daring stunts by contortionists, jugglers, spinners, balance and dance duos, magicians, ribbon dancers, and strength and balance displays will combine the mesmerizing world of acrobatics with the timeless allure of classical and popular music.

This concert promises an unparalleled evening of music and sensory delight. Experience performances of scores by John Williams, Leonard Bernstein, John Kander, James Horner, Maurice Ravel and Jacques Offenbach.

Witness the convergence of two art forms that will be sure to leave you inspired and uplifted!
Tickets are limited, and this event is expected to sell out quickly. So, secure your seats now.


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