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Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre

Fables and Folklore

The Tarkington // Apr 5 - Apr 6

Fables and Folklore

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FABLES AND FOLKLORE will feature the World Premiere of GOLEM. Inspired by Jewish folklore, The Golem of Prague, this original work by Executive Artistic Director, Gregory Glade Hancock, tells the story of a mud creature created by a rabbi to defend the Jewish ghetto of Prague from persecution. GHDT brings elements of this story into our current world, where once again, the world needs golem-like protection from sometimes invisible enemies. A timely tale, GOLEM utilizes a solar eclipse as a metaphor where light is overshadowed by darkness, but then reappears as a sign of hope and survival. Featuring both melancholy and joyful klezmer music, GOLEM, utilizes layer of musical and theatrical nuance to tell a tale from the past yet direct a voice to the present. GOLEM is presented in partnership with the Jewish Community Center of Indianapolis. Also, on the program is the long-awaited return of PINOCCHIO, a theatrical masterpiece created by Gregory Glade Hancock and inspired by the classic Italian tale. Featuring a cast of colorful characters in a Steampunk-setting, this version weaves a cautionary tale of love and sacrifice.