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Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre

Legends and Fairytales

The Tarkington // Oct 27 - Oct 28

Legends and Fairytales

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Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre opens their 2023-2024 performance season this October with LEGENDS AND FAIRYTALES at The Tarkington.  Entering into GHDT’s 26th season, Executive Artistic Director and Choreographer Gregory Hancock will continue his legacy of eloquent and passionate storytelling through music and dance by presenting tales from two diverse cultures for this concert.  An audience favorite, LA LLORONA, is a work derived from a Mexican legend about love and spirits and first premiered in 2019.  It will captivate the audience through imagination and layers of theatrical nuance.  A new work, ANGELS AND DJINN, will use Turkish classical and folk music, stunning costumes, movement and lighting to help tell these meaningful stories which will engage audiences and make deep emotional connections.  Through a thread of everyday universal truths told through these mystical tales, the artists of GHDT will provide a backdrop for uniting audiences into a common experience.