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Ukulele Classes

The Center currently offers two levels of ukulele instruction for anyone looking to learn how to play or sharpen their uke skills!


Beginner Ukulele Class Register on the event page

Never played the ukulele but want to learn? This class is for you!

In this skills-based course, students will learn basic strums and chords by focusing on a new song each week. Students may remain in this group until they feel confident to move on to General Ukulele.


General Ukulele Class – currently full

This class is for anyone who already plays the ukulele. The focus of this activity-based class will be on learning new songs and talking about different ways to interpret and perform them. This class will provide students an opportunity to expand their ukulele repertoire. Students may remain in this class until they feel confident to move on to Advanced Ukulele.


Advanced Ukulele Class – currently full

This class is for ukulele musicians who want to delve deeper into chords and improvising. The focus of this class will be on learning a song each week using different strumming patterns, chord melodies, and basic scales.


To be placed on a waitlist for upcoming classes, email


Classes recommended for ages 14 and up.


Please bring your Soprano, Concert, or Tenor ukulele tuned to gCEA.
If you have any issues with tuning, the instructor will tune your ukulele for you the first night of class.

About the Instructor

John Fell is a full-time musician from Indianapolis, Indiana. He is an accomplished guitarist in many genres with experience in styles ranging from hip-hop to country, with focuses in jazz, blues, gypsy jazz, and rock. He performs regularly all over Indianapolis with various jazz and rock groups and as a solo musician.
John is also proficient in bass, mandolin, ukulele, and piano, with a burning passion for understanding music theory. In addition to traditional instruments, John also is experienced with various MIDI instruments, samplers, and music production softwares.
John has been teaching for over a decade and caters his lessons to each student's individual needs. He has a very flexible, fun style and loves to spread the knowledge and joy of music!



For more information, contact Julia Shildmyer-Heighway at 317.819.3516 or