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The Center’s daytime speaker series, Luminaries, meets at 2 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of every other month for presentations about the Center's programming and the performing arts in general. Tickets for the presentations are $10 and include light refreshments. Tickets can be purchased online or by calling the Fifth Third Bank Box Office at 317.843.3800.



2023-24 schedule
2 p.m. presentation followed by light refreshments


Sep. 26, 2023 | The Identity of a Dancer

Puerto Rican professional dancer, teacher, choreographer and director Mónica M. Muñoz will share the story of how heritage, culture, tradition, lived experiences and external factors work to shape and define identity. She will share photographs, videos and stories depicting her Cuban mother’s and Ecuadorian father's journey to Puerto Rico and how she eventually made her way to Indianapolis, all driven by her passion and love for dance.


Nov. 28, 2023 | Popular Radio Hits of the 20s-50s

Early radio was an exciting time for Americans listening from their homes, as they were exposed to so many different styles and genres of music, often on the same station, within the same hour. Join Lara Lynn and Kevin MacDowell to celebrate this diversity of popular music through the decades.


Jan. 23, 2024 | Deliberate Deceptions: Magic and Wonder

Magic is experiencing a renaissance with popular TV series, viral internet clips and live touring shows. Magic can transport audiences to another place where anything is possible. Magician Jeff Loeser will share an insightful look into the world of magic, its history, some of his favorite magic tricks and the stories behind them. We’ll hear about how his interest in magic started and how this spark turned into a lifelong passion.


Mar 26, 2024 | Making it Up: A Life in Creativity

One of the best ways to understand our place in an ever-evolving world is to step outside our comfort zones and create. For Brandon Wilson, a singer-songwriter and life/business coach, making things up is a way of life. But navigating his relationship with creativity has been quite a journey, one that kept him in trouble for most of his younger years, took him to Nashville to make a go of a career in music, and so much more. Join Wilson as he sings songs, shares stories, and talks about the power of creating. And who knows, you might walk out with the beginnings of your own song!


Aug 27, 2024 | The Intersection of Visual and Performing Arts

The term Gesamtkunstwerk, popularized by German opera composer Richard Wagner, translates to “total work of art” and refers to the thrilling synergy created by the coming together of design, performance and a live audience. Opera as an art form exemplifies this idea, merging the worlds of music and art into a feast for the senses. Join professional opera singer and visual artist Lyndsay Moy as she speaks about her work as a painter and performer, sharing stories and lessons from her experience at the intersection of visual and performing arts.




For more information on the series, contact Julia Shildmyer at 317.819.3516 or