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Science of Light & Sound

In this 60-minute interactive program, terms and ideas taught in the classroom are reinforced through real-world application by the Center’s audio and light engineers. The Palladium is a great venue for discussing the vocabulary and concepts of sound propagation and characteristics of light. Students and teachers are encouraged to ask questions and participate throughout the program, which is aligned to IDOE standards for 4th grade science. Content can be adapted to older students.


Topics covered will include:


  • Color Temperature
  • Light Reflection and Visual Color
  • Additive and Subtractive Color Mixing



  • Demonstration of sound waves
  • Basic properties of sound (e.g., pitch, volume, frequency)
  • How musical instruments produce sound
  • How the acoustics in a concert hall and how it affects the sound quality


To make your reservation, please select from the dates below and email

Please include: school name, teacher name and contact information, number of students, grade level, number of adults, number of buses, date you would like to attend.


Dates for the 2024-2025 school year to be announced.


Programs generally begin at 10:00AM.  We can be a bit flexible with the start time.


Note: Registration must occur at least 3 weeks prior to the program date.
For groups with less than 30 students, we will work to include you with a larger school group which has registered.


Program Alignment to Indiana Academic Standards for 4th Grade Science

Students in 4th grade study sound and light and recognize them as forms of energy.

4-PS3-2 Energy

Make observations to provide evidence that energy can be transferred from place to place by sound, light, heat, and electric currents.

4-PS3-3 Energy

Ask questions and predict outcomes about the changes in energy that occur when objects collide.

4-PS3-4 Energy

Apply scientific ideas to design, test, and refine a device that converts energy from one form to another.

4-PS4-2 Waves and Their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer

Develop a model to describe that light reflecting from objects and entering the eye allows objects to be seen.


Science of Light & Sound is presented in partnership with Scientech.