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Usher Spotlight: La Tonya Jordan

5/18/2020 12AM

The Center's Usher Corps is sponsored by The National Bank of Indianapolis.


Hi, La Tonya! Tell us a bit about you.

I enjoy peace, quiet and tranquility – when you can find it in this hectic day and age, do not let it go. I get this from adult coloring. I started my passion at Barnes & Noble. Reading is my love. Once a month, I would adult color with seniors and other artists and listen to old family stories, wives’ tales and general gossip. It was very enjoyable.

From this experience, I started my own meetup group called Adult Coloring or Crafts. We meet at coffee shops, wineries, pizza establishments, sandwich shops, libraries, etc., to color, chat and admire each other’s art work. I have over 250 photos and still counting of fellow artists and their masterpieces. If you look to join us, check out this link: Enjoy adult coloring!


When deciding how you wanted to serve the community through volunteerism, what made you choose the Center to dedicate your service?

I love theater, musical performances, and dance. There was an article in the Indianapolis Star about the Center. The last paragraph talked about volunteering for the gift shop. I like fashion and jewelry; therefore, naturally, I thought it would be a good fit.


What do you enjoy most about serving as a volunteer at the Center?

What I enjoy must about serving as a volunteer is to see the performances. I get to sit, greet, inform, fashion watch, and see a performance I may not have had the opportunity to ever see. I have seen awesome performances that have left me in awe. 


What is your favorite performance that you’ve ever seen at the Center? What made the experience so special?

This is very difficult. I think Damien Escobar. He was phenomenal. He played his violin all around the concert hall, even to the Gallery. I love all your classical performances.


Can you share an example of a moment where one of your fellow volunteers inspired you with their service to a patron during a performance at the Center?

The Center has many dedicated volunteers. All the volunteers inspire me.